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A detailed insight into the Australian Fitness Industry through the eyes of a 30 year veteran coach, trainer, educator and business owner, Russell Jarrett (M.Ex.Sci), and the guests that he interviews on the show. Fitness industry experts, influencers, movers and shakers. Covering all aspects of fitness, training, nutrition, business, trends, the future of fitness and some of the fakes and frauds as well. It's all about fitness facts, fun, some education, lots of inspiration, with a liberal sprinkling of motivation.

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    Travis Jones - Producing awesome results in business with RBT.

    Travis Jones, an aspiring athlete who contracted Meningococcal has gone on to forge an impressive path in business and other ventures. In 10 years he has established 21 RBT (Results Based Training) gyms in Australia and overseas. In this Podcast, I drill down with him to establish what drives him, his vision, his work ethic and how keeping things clear and simple has allowed him to produce great business results by producing great physical results with his clients.

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    Nick Caldwell - What happens when Special Forces combine with Fitness!

    Nick Caldwell spent 12 years in the Australian Army, most of that in the elite special forces. This guy is highly trained, uniquely skilled and incredibly experienced - in a world that 99.95% of Australians know nothing about. Now, he brings this amazing skill set to the general public to create a unique and very worthwhile, successful fitness product. But it's not for the faint-hearted, and something that you really need to experience for yourself.

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    The 'Dummies' guide to choosing a gym, my CHECKLIST!

    More gyms, studios, PT centers and group training options than ever before. For some people, it's a decision that is full of doubt and suspicion and often finds them just giving up and not joining up anywhere. Do you need to be a gym user to get fit, no, not necessarily, but if you are intending to sign up, here's my checklist to follow to help make the process a little less stressful and more secure.

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    Steve Willis - The Commando of Calm

    Steve Willis (Commando Steve) and I catch up and chat about his military history, the journey into Crossfit competition, his long career on TV as a trainer and recently as a contestant. And, how he manages to maintain calmness and focus amongst all of his off and on-screen pursuits.

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    Craig Harper, Author, Presenter, Speaker, Motivator - Ninja Level Communicator!

    His roots were in the Fitness Industry, one of the first to start PT in Australia, as a standalone business, his evolution has been constant, steady but significant. He know impacts hundreds of lives daily with his words, presentations, lessons and honest open content. He's what I call Ninja level at communication.

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    The Chief of Transformation.

    Chief Brabon, Fitness Director of Men's Health Magazine, Original Bootcamp, Coach and Celebrity Transformation expert.

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    Bodybuilder and Businessman Tony Doherty

    Interview with Bodybuilding icon, businessman, fitness crusader - Tony Doherty, conducted from his flagship gym "Doherty's" in Brunswick, Melbourne, Victoria.

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    Sam Wood - Fitness and Technology with Online Authenticity

    Sam Wood, Businessman, Coach, Reality TV Bachelor, now forging ahead with a family and impacting thousands of 28'ers (his online tribe) managing to combine it all and still remain calm, measured and REAL.

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    Episode One - Prologue

    The Prologue - I set the scene, explain a little about me (Coach, Trainer, Business owner) and explain a little about content, guests and what you'll take away from listening in.

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